I had reason to visit my oesteopath Tink Purtell today and cannot begin to express my excitement to see your card and flyer on her desk. Jaz is now 14 months old but barely a day goes by where I do not reflect on the tremendous support and advice I received post natal from your good self.
I am soooo excited that the new Mum’s of Hobart will have an opportunity to access your services and enjoy the benefits of a cheer squad to guide and support them through their breastfeeding journey.
Madly I expressed milk for Jaz till she was 10 months old with the last milk from Mum enjoyed on christmas day. More importantly we have as a family enjoyed so many exquisite moments of laughter and play, moments that might have taken a lot longer for me to enjoy without the assistance of incredibly devoted and professional health carers.
So I conclude this brief note with my best wishes to you and Louise as you embark on this exciting and important work.
Kind Regards
Sarah & Jaz

When my son was 7 days I developed mastitis and was not able to breastfeed him, so we had to introduce the bottle. With the support from Lou and then Anne-Maree I was able to get my son back on the breast, and within several weeks he was feeding confidently from both sides. I was impressed with their professionalism and warmth during this distressing time. Also I was impressed with the advice and the information they provided which meant I could confidently manage my milk supply going forward. My son is now nearly 6 months and breastfeeding happily. As such I would highly recommend The Lactation Network.
Sarah & Tommy

I first met Anne-Maree when I was pregnant with my third child. I hoped for a positive breastfeeding experience after having attachment and supply issues with my first 2 children.
I believe this antenatal visit and the plan we put in place along with the unwavering support Anne-Maree offered during and after my hospital stay was key to me having the successful breastfeeding experience I longed for.
I gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Ned, in March 2010. After we were discharged from hospital, Ned and I saw Anne-Maree on a regular basis for the first 3 months. Anne-Maree was always incredibly positive and supportive, she believed in me, and my ability to feed my baby.
Knowing how important the Breastfeeding journey was to me and meeting my initial goal of exclusively feeding for at least 6 months, Ann Maree supported and guided me through supply issues, poor weight gain, expressing and a bout of Mastitis. She was a source of comfort in the early days when feeding was hard and always made me feel that whatever choice I made in relation to feeding my baby was ok!
I’m proud to say that I have just finished feeding Ned at 18 months. 12 months longer than I dared hope for and I owe much thanks to Anne-Maree. I will be forever grateful for her advice and support and I highly recommend her services to any one who needs help with their breastfeeding journey.

Alison and Ned